Sign up

Hello all, so tomorrow is the official opening of the sign up for Twalk 2019. The prices have been set at

$120 for non-students

$75 for students (ID required)

$25 for the T-shirt (event inspired).

Looking forward to it!

Maxime and Leon – Twalk 2019

Finally, sign up

hello all, We finally find you a perfect place for TWALK 2019 so the subscription will be open the 18 th April until reaching the 350 places so save the date. 

helpers team

for TWALK 2019 we will prepare you an awesome race. To achieve that we required 15-10 people to help us to put in place the legs and prepared the clue. On the day only chef team and maybe two extra people will be required to take the team results. Finally, we need a chef to handle the cooking gear and the receipts for these nice events. If you are interested, please send a message at

Twalk 2019 – Save the date!!

We are excited to announce the event date for the 53rd Twalk – Twalk 2019, is the 18th and 19th of May 2019!!  

So save the date and start preparing…..the countdown is on!!

More information to follow so watch this space..

Proper Full

Twalk 2018 is fully full

If you missed out on a spot and are still dead keen to get among the action, we are needing event volunteers: cooks, officials, and misc people we can call on to get stuff done at the last minute. Or else, see you at twalk19!

If this sounds like you, then fire an email to, all volunteers will get a free t-shirt, food/drinks as thanks.

Jacob & Phillip Roberts