Event Information

TWALK Overview

TWALK is a twenty-four hour orienteering event. It is split into
five legs, each around 15-20 kilometres long. Each leg has around
10 – 20 controls, which will be hidden on features marked on a map
and described by a cryptic clue. You will be given an event map at
the beginning of leg one and a list of cryptic clues.

The first leg is compulsory, as it leads from where you are
dropped off to the Hash House. From there, competitors may choose to
participate in as many or few legs as they choose, leaving when they
like (there is a compulsory 30 minute break between legs). Legs two
– five form loops which end up back at the Hash House, and can be
cut short if required.

The event begins at 8am on Saturday the 28th of April at the UCSA
carpark off Ilam Road. After everyone signs in buses will drop us at
the mystery location. The event kick-off should be around midday.
After the event we will be taken back by bus to the UCSA carpark arriving
around 6pm on Sunday the 29th of April.

The Hash House

The Hash House is the base of operations. It has hot food cooked
around the clock by our volunteer cooks, fresh water and a space for
tents. All legs start and end at the Hash House (except leg one),
and teams must check in and out of each leg. There will be music,
socialising and a live scoreboard all night!


A key tradition of TWALK is dressing up! Come up with a costume
theme for your team. The best dressed team gets a prize!

Entry Fee

The entry fee covers event entry, transport and food!
Please note that Student I.D. will be checked on
the day for student entries.

Student: $65
Non-student: $110
Tee shirt: $25

Stuff You’ll Need

You can split your stuff into three groups: things you’ll carry with you during the day, things per team for the day, and things that’ll get taken by bus to the Hash House.

* Denotes COMPULSORY safety gear

Day Gear

  • * Showerproof and windproof jacket
  • * Base layer (polypro top + longjohns or similar)
  • * Warm top (polarfleece or wool etc)
  • * Warm hat
  • * Headlamp or torch (+ batteries!)
  • * Water (minimum 1.5 litres)
  • * Survival blanket
  • * Emergency whistle
  • Lunch
  • Gloves
  • Sun hat
  • Your costume!

Team Gear:

  • * Small first aid kit
  • * Compass
  • Sunscreen
  • Pen for recording controls

Overnight Gear:

  • A tramping pack or similar (so everything stays together)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Bedroll
  • Tent
  • A change of clothes
  • Bowl, cup and cutlery
  • Spare snack food for later