Hi Everyone,

We hope you are well and looking forward to getting out and about over spring.
As part of the agreement for holding this years Twalk event on Castle Hill Station, the offerer to carry out wildling pine removal was one of the incentives put to the farmers. The time to carry out this work was request to be in September and so we have selected Saturday 14th of September.
We would like to hear from anyone who is able and willing to come along. Transport can be provided by way of car pooling from Christchurch and we invisage leaving Ilam around 7:30 am and returning by 6pm. We are working through finer details however at this stage we will just be using hand tools.
An update will be provided as to what else is required from helpers however we are currently sourcing tools and will provide food/water for lunch.
Reply to the Twalk email and we will be in touch
Maxime and Leon
Twalk 2019 Organisers

Reminder last week to sign up

Reminder Notice!

Twalk entries will close on 12th May 2019 at 7:00pm

As Twalk is approaching, make sure you have referred to the information and rules pages and are sourcing the right clothing and equipment for the event! (We can’t reinforce this enough!) – that means NO JEANS OR COTTON!!

The leg set up team recruit too

Volunteers wanted! We need people to set up the legs the 11th of May ( no competitors) send me a message in facebook (Maxime Savoie) I will add you on the invitations list

The kitchen crew recruit

Volunteers wanted! We need to make a lot of food for a lot of hungry people. Can you help?

Most of the kitchen crew will head out from UC to the mystery location on Friday evening to unpack the kitchen equipment and set up. On Saturday morning we will start cooking, and then continue cooking in shifts (sleep is encouraged) for twenty-four hours. You can look forward to making (and eating!) soup, lasagne, big brekky, and other delights. There will be hundreds of muffins. There may be an opportunity for some crew to participate in one of the legs too. Sunday afternoon means clean-up and then the awards ceremony. We usually get back to Christchurch around dinnertime on Sunday.

If you can’t commit to the whole weekend, we would still love to hear from you — every hand helps! if interested contact Amy Martin and Caleb Martin

Sign up

Hello all, so tomorrow is the official opening of the sign up for Twalk 2019. The prices have been set at

$120 for non-students

$75 for students (ID required)

$25 for the T-shirt (event inspired).

Looking forward to it!

Maxime and Leon – Twalk 2019

Finally, sign up

hello all, We finally find you a perfect place for TWALK 2019 so the subscription will be open the 18 th April until reaching the 350 places so save the date. 

helpers team

for TWALK 2019 we will prepare you an awesome race. To achieve that we required 15-10 people to help us to put in place the legs and prepared the clue. On the day only chef team and maybe two extra people will be required to take the team results. Finally, we need a chef to handle the cooking gear and the receipts for these nice events. If you are interested, please send a message at twalk@cutc.org.nz.