Nearly there

Hello Twalkers!

We are just about there, very exciting. I highly recommend the twalk documentary ( to get hyped up. I hope all consumes are being prepared and we are ready to roll.

Everyone should have received an email about the COMPULSORY team briefing this Wednesday, 6:30pm. If you haven’t, check your spam and if it isn’t there then email us at There is a zoom link in the email for those who can not attend in person. See you then!

Also it being the last stretch means that we are locking in the teams. We can no longer add or substitute members. No changes to team names either. Also be aware generally that we will also be very limited in responding to emails from now on, while we will (probably) read them, we will probably be too busy to respond to all of them. We are going full TWALK mode.

If you can no longer compete, no worries at all! We can refund if you get in contact before midnight Friday. Just make sure to email us with your team name, your name, bank account you want it paid into and if you were a student or non-student fare. Refunds should all be processed by late next week.

If you have any more questions, ask them at the team briefing!