Signups close 24th

Hey ya twalkers!

Whew its getting close ain’t it? We have 400 sign-ups (wooo) so it looks like its going to be a stunner of TWALK if you ask me.

We are doing a soft close on entries on midday Monday 24th April, so please get your entries in before then! We can not guarantee that any entries after then will be able to be confirmed. Don’t stress too much about the payment confirmations, we can be a bit slow about confirmations, as long as you have the sign-up in before the due date you will be all sorted. If you signed up over a week ago and are yet to hear from us, please reach out!

We can add team members to teams easily enough, but again, make sure to get those in before the 24th. Afterwards you can try, but there is no guarantee. So before the 24th flick us an email at, let us know your team name and the new member’s name, email, dietary, medical conditions and that they consent to become a CUTC temporary club member.

T-shirt entries have a hard entry close at midday on the 24th, we will be sending in the order to the printer that afternoon so make you sign up in time!

Thanks folks, you will be hearing more from us in the coming weeks 🙂