Recap 2022 and 2023 Dates

First off, Twalk 2023 will be held on the weekend, 6-7th May 2023. Mark it on your calendars. We will make a post on our website when entries are open, but that is still a wee ways away from now :). 

Whew putting this out a bit late, but we got there in the end. Twalk 2022 was an absolute blast and we loved organising a fantastic event for all you beautiful people.

 I would like to thank everyone that attended, big round of applause for making it. Even bigger thanks to all the volunteers, without each and every one of them, Twalk couldn’t happen. Huge thanks especially to Blake, who was a huge help organising the kitchen. Our first aid team, a bunch of volunteers from R.A.T.S. was fantastic as always, patching up a rather concerning number of injuries. HUGE thanks to the fantastic people at Woodchester Station for allowing us to run around on their land. We had some fantastic sponsors, Bivouac Outdoor providing our brilliant winning prizes. Sanitarium helped us feed you. Event Hire ( the helped us kit out the hash house. Chef’s Hire kitted out the kitchen. The University of Canterbury Student Association and the Canterbury University Tramping Club committee gave critical support. 

Thank you thank you thank you thank you

Ok now to 2023. So in 2022 We had limited entry numbers as the event was organized while there were restrictions on the number of attendees at events. Now those restrictions don’t apply so we will try to fit in as many people as we can (surely a 500 person Twalk this year). Hopefully those that missed out in 2022 will be able to come 2023. 

Also, if you have any criticisms, advice, comments, thoughts, twalk video links or write ups, send it though here: . Its always good to hear things that we can do better next time :).